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The Mediplus Advantage



          Having been in the Hospice durable medical equipment (DME) industry for numerous years, we have been witness to the various problems that often frustrate and inconvenience hospice nurses, aides, and patients on a daily basis. Multiple suggestions and ideas were presented to our former DME managers that would allow for more efficient service provision to our clients; however, despite our suggestion, these same implications never ceased to repeat themselves. And so when we created Mediplus HomeHealth Inc We adopted these changes  and saw great improvement , and a significant  reduction on repair and service request orders ,  and ultimately provide a better experience to hospice patients and their families.


Hospital Beds


            One of the most prominent components of hospice care is hospital beds. They are used by a large number of hospice patients, and require a certain precision when being set up. Perhaps this is why the majority of complaints about hospice care regard medical beds: sometimes the mattress is too soft or too firm, or the bed is not fully functioning, or it was not set up correctly. Mediplus distributes beds provided only by Invacare, one of the top manufacturers of hospital beds on the market.  Our beds come with four point safety pin locks that prevent head and foot boards from disconnecting, even when the bed is moved from its place or handle in a careless manner, also three out of four wheels with locks to secure the bed in place. Mediplus also adds a cushion protection between the frame of the bed and the mattress, further assuring that the patient will not feel the frame of the bed. Label of Do not loose, are in the Half Rail knob the secured the rail to the frame of the bed, All beds used by Mediplus are checked for defects and effectiveness by a strict maintenance team before leaving our warehouses for delivery.

Equipment technicians upon delivery  test the bed and instruct on how to use it , along with other equipment, in order to provide the utmost comfort and safety  to clients in our care.


Concentrators and Oxygen Tanks


            Another commonly used Hospice equipment is concentrators and oxygen tanks. Mediplus guarantees high quality concentrators and tanks, again using only top manufacturers such as  Invacare and Respironics.  Concentrators distributed by our company will come with   easy to follow instruction labels   to help aides and family members keep worry free equipment. Demonstrations on how to operate the equipment will be provided by a Mediplus equipment technician upon delivery, along with a complete, easy-to-follow set of instructions for family. Again, all equipment provided by Mediplus will be checked for defects by a maintenance team prior to delivery. After two months of use of one of our concentrators/tanks, one of our technicians will perform a checkup in the patient’s home to oversee the equipment and ensure that everything is running smoothly.


Hoyer and Patient Lifts


            The number one problem that arises regarding patient lifts is uncertainty on the part of aides and family members on how to operate them. Aides/nurses/family members will be provided with a detailed explanation and presentation on how the equipment functions (and how to adjust it, if necessary). Technicians will ensure that those at home responsible for the patient’s care will have full knowledge on how to operate the lifts.


Delivery Coordination


            Before a DME delivery, a Mediplus customer service representative will contact the client to coordinate a time of delivery that would be most convenient for both the patient and the family, and to inform them of all details of the delivery.



            Here at Mediplus, our number one priority is the health and comfort of our patients, which is why we guarantee top-notch equipment, prompt deliveries, friendly technicians, and instructional demonstrations to all our customers. As a professional hospice equipment provider, we have taken various actions to prevent problems that are common among medical equipment distributors from occurring to our clients, therefore ensuring a more comfortable and safe experience for our patients.


Choose Mediplus: Choose Comfort




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