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                                                                    MEDIPLUS HOMEHEALTH INC


                                                                                             ABOUT US


            We are a DME Homecare company based in NJ focusing primarily on hospice care.  Our team consists of experienced staff with 10+ years of experience in the Homecare and hospice care industry.  From customer service, to warehouse, to billing and also to our delivery technicians each member is seasoned personnel in this field and dedicated to customer care.

                                                                            MISSION STATEMENT


            We strive to provide the best equipment and best service possible to all hospice groups, and make caring for hospice patients’ easier, convenient and keeping patients comfortable.  We also keep patients family members and care takers in mind by assuring our service technicians and customer service staffs serving them are fully trained in hospice protocols and understand the needs of the patients as well as the caretakers. 

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