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MediPlus Home Health

Provider of home health care, supplies and equipment.

About MediPlus Home Health

MediPlus Home Health we strive to offer the most affordable pricing in the area, while maintaining a level of service that is unrivaled in the Hospice DME industry. We understand how different Hospice programs are to any other like it in the medical field. This allows us to cater our business model to the very delicate needs of Hospice patients.


MediPlus Healthcare Equipment & Services Inc. specializes in Rehab and  hospice DME rental, service, training and support.


MediPlus Health Health Equipment & Services Inc. is owned and operated by healthcare professionals with 20 plus years of combined experience in the field. MediPlus Health Health is committed to serving  patients in the communities we service by providing exceptional state of the art home medical equipment, services, instruction, and support in a professional and caring manner. We understand and respect the sensitive needs and rights of Rehab and Hospice patients and their families. We always strive to ensure the utmost comfort and confidence of our patients and families as well as help to maintain their dignity and enhance the quality of life.

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